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Columbia Global Centers | Athens is part of a network of 11 global centers of Columbia University in the City of New York, one of the world's leading academic institutions. The centers serve as knowledge hubs that aim to educate and inspire through research, dialogue, and action. They advance understanding, facilitate partnerships, and build the bridges necessary to tackle our changing world.

Athens Center announces grant opportunity to support Greek medical oncologist for one-year clinical research position at Columbia.

A physician and public health researcher and leader, Zaoutis comes to this position after leading the Greek National Public Health Organization.

“The aspirational challenge that we embrace through the centers is to chart a path forward that builds on the needs of our global and Columbia communities, captures the intersectionality of our work, and, quite simply, harnesses our imagination and intellectual curiosity.”


Wafaa El-Sadr, Executive Vice President of Columbia Global
Wafaa El-Sadr, Executive Vice President of Columbia Global

Greece and Columbia

Columbia University announced the launch of a new Columbia Global center in Athens, Greece. 

The impact of Greece on western civilization is unmatched, extending far beyond the Athenian democratic experiment that is considered the origin of modern-day democracies across the globe.

Many European and US American universities study Greek antiquity, but, in Columbia’s academic life, Greece has always had a special role.

The Core Curriculum that all Columbia undergraduate students are required to take–anchored in Western literary, historical, political, and art traditions—starts with Greece.

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Columbia in Greece

Columbia's presence in Athens offers unique opportunities for the University to gain a deeper understanding of the juxtaposition of history and contributions of ancient Greece with the Greece of today and tomorrow: a country situated at the confluence of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, partaking of the culture of her neighbors to the north, east, and south, and bound to them by history and geography.

At the same time, Greece offers the unparalleled opportunity for working together with academics and practitioners in Greece to advance areas of mutual interest and to contribute to the vibrant academic and cultural life of the country. From the classics, to business and innovation, to climate change and its impact, to migration and international affairs, Athens– with its libraries, museums, archives, and monuments–is a living laboratory for research and education.

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