Santiago News

Interested in Chile’s sustainable development agenda, he reached out to the Santiago Center.

The venture aligns with the Santiago Center’s mission to foster local and global impact, particularly in climate related issues.

Zeqian Li and Bryanna Godfrey are performing practicums at Universidad Mayor’s Society & Health Research Center. 

He comes with over 30 years of experience in academia and global education initiatives.

In addition to an exchange program and numerous publications, a field academy was recently held in Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales.

Columbia undergrad Victoria Flowerree returns to Chile in a self-discovery study abroad program.

Gabriela Manríquez is pursuing an M.P.A. in energy and environment and Tomás Guevara an M.S. in sustainability management.

A total of 41 projects have been selected for their exceptional proposals and potential to address complex global issues. 

He also visited the Global Center to explore potential collaborations in climate and environmental health. 

The event featured Lance Weiler, Director of the Digital Storytelling Lab at the Columbia School of the Arts.

Jobet is a former Minister of Mining and Energy and current Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy. 

Ines Jabri tells of her experience exploring Chile through the lenses of culture and religion.