Located in 11 cities across four continents, Columbia’s Global Centers serve as a local hub for purpose-driven education, research, public engagement, and collaboration. They support hundreds of cross-disciplinary programs annually, from public health to arts and culture, engaging thousands of faculty, students, partners, alumni and community members.

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students with professor in the field

Columbia Global Centers support global research through partnership, fellowships and grants — as well as through spaces for convening, exchanging and inspiring — and connect Columbia faculty with local researchers to collaborate on innovative projects. 

Students in Africa

The Centers support unique global experiences for education, internships and research for Columbia undergraduate and graduate students, for students from the communities where our centers are located, as well as for displaced students.


The Centers host events throughout the year coordinated with local chapters of the Columbia Alumni Association to encourage networking and creating connections to campus, as well as sharing knowledge and information. 

an audience at Reid Hall in Paris

Each of the Centers curate thought-provoking events and create space for dialogue, connection, and networking. Our Centers also provide access to continuing education, executive education, leadership and social impact training, and bespoke Columbia experiences for local students.

Contribute to Global Conversations


The Beijing Global Center proudly announces the selection of 20 exceptional high school students from across China for the inaugural fellowship.

Stefanos Gandolfo named director of Columbia Global Center Athens.

Rachna Tahilyani named director of Columbia Global Center Mumbai.