Centers Current Status

To protect our communities in response to the spread of COVID-19, the Columbia Global Centers, located in ten countries, are limiting or canceling public events, in accordance with their local government and healthcare directives. Public events and in-person programming continue in our Centers where social distancing restrictions are no longer needed, as determined by local officials and global health directives.

Where social distancing is necessary, we are shifting to online engagement and virtual programs, as well as hosting a number of events through digital broadcasting. For the latest information related to COVID and Columbia University, visit Columbia Preparedness or CGC Coronavirus Updates.

Center Updates

Amman Center

The Amman Center is now working remotely.

Beijing Center

The Beijing Center returned to the office mid-March, after working remotely since the virus’s outbreak mid-January.

Istanbul Center

The Istanbul Center is now working remotely.

Mumbai Center

Mumbai Center

The Mumbai Center is now working remotely.

Nairobi Center

The Nairobi Center is now working primarily remotely.

Paris Center

Paris Center: All non-essential businesses in France are closed, which includes Reid Hall and our Global Center.

Rio Center

The Rio Center has transitioned to primarily working remotely.

Santiago Center

With the elevation of the COVID-19 virus to Stage 4, the Santiago Center will now work remotely.

Tunis Center

The Tunis Center had been operating normally until March 18th, after which it transitioned to working remotely.