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The Women Who Built Reid Hall: Artists, Radicals, and Visionaries
#TheDomesticGaze​ Live: Fight to Protect Women's Rights | Alexis Hoag, Terry McGovern, Vibhu Krishna
Anu Bradford (European Legal Studies Center, Columbia), David Goodhart (journalist), Boris Ruge (Munich Security Conference), and Dominique Reynié (Sciences Po), in a debate moderated by Carlo Invernizzi Accetti (City College of New York)
Thierry Grillet avec Pierre Haski | Entretien
Is There a European Identity? | with Magali Bessone, Riva Kastoryano, Mark Lilla and Mark Mazowerrre Haski | Entretien
Existe-t-il une identité européenne ? | avec Felwine Sarr et Thierry Grillet
Is Europe Democratic? | with Yves Meny, Rui Tavares, Luuk van Middelaar, Nadia Urbinati and Ivan Krastev
L’Europe est-elle démocratique ? : Thierry Grillet et Sylvain Bourmeau
Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger and Dr. Agnes Callamard, Director of Columbia University Global Freedom of Expression, in a conversation moderated by Professor Mark Mazower, Director of the Institute for Ideas and Imagination.
Jason Bordoff (SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia), Alex Halliday (Earth Institute, Columbia), Enrico Letta (PSIA), and Laurence Tubiana (European Climate Foundation), in a debate moderated by Adam Tooze (European Institute, Columbia).
A virtual panel on lessons from the pandemic, seen from the perspective of Europe and the US.
Célia Belin (Brookings Institute), Sheri Berman (Barnard), Jack Snyder (Columbia SIPA), and Pierre Vimont (former French Ambassador to the U.S.), in a debate moderated by The New York Times’s Roger Cohen.
Penser l’Europe, avec ou sans l'Amérique : de Paul Valéry à Jacques Derrida. Entretien avec Benoît Peeters, biographe de Derrida et Valéry.
Authors Dana R. Fisher and Joseph O’Neill examine the influence of growing grassroots resistance movements on American politics
Debating The Future of Europe: How Can Europe Achieve Social Justice? | Moderated by Ali Aslan
Entretien: Thierry Grillet et Pierre-André Chiappori | L’EU peut-elle promouvoir la justice sociale?
Turning Points: Joseph Stiglitz and Thomas Piketty in Conversation | Moderated by Sylvie Kauffmann
Viral Modernism: Elizabeth Outka in conversation with Sarah Cole
Grasping and understanding the B Minor Mass : Bach's chorus at the forefront
A transcontinental discussion on the moral and medical ethical dilemmas posed by the COVID-19 crisis, featuring a panel of distinguished doctors, philosophers, and ethicists.
Table ronde à l'occasion de la parution de La Société d'exposition : Désir et désobéissance à l'ère numérique par Bernard Harcourt (Le Seuil)
An Illustrated Presentation on the History of Reid Hall with Brune Biebuyck, Administrative Director CGC | Paris; Meredith Levin, Columbia University, Western European Humanities Librarian; Shannon Marquez, Dean of Columbia Undergraduate Global Engagement
Who Owns Culture? A bilingual round-table on cultural appropriation with Joseph Slaughter, Gisèle Sapiro and Pap Ndiaye.
Les transclasses. Une table ronde avec Chantal Jaquet, Aya Cissoko et Balla Fofana.
Revealing the Offshore World. This panel brings together four leading scholars to discuss their path-breaking research on important aspects of the offshore world and financial system.