La Creatividad No Para

Created and developed by Paloma Estévez (SOA ’19).

Date: July 2020 

Field: Art, Humanities

Special Thanks to: Felipe Rodríguez (Cocina País), Jacqueline Retamales and Roberto Flores (Liceo Bicentenario Pablo Neruda), Gonzalo Núñez (Grupo Air), and Alejandro Magnasco (Grupo Monarch).

For more information: Please contact Paloma Estévez at:  [email protected].


La Creatividad no Para is a digital campaign about innovation and resilience in times of pandemic; its main goal is to portray stories of Chileans that have found creative solutions to the different challenges brought to their lives by COVID-19, such as hunger, on-line education and public health issues.  These stories are available on the Columbia Global Center’s website and social media channels via four short clips designed exclusively for this project, using digital animation, archive images, incidental music, and original content developed during the research process. 

More on the project available in Spanish and in English.

The four cases are: 

Case 1 (Education) – Liceo Bicentenario Pablo Neruda de Arica and its radio program: The public high school’s teachers have created a radio program to provide companionship and emotional support to their students. The program Liceo Bicentenario Pablo Neruda, Siempre Contigo (always with you) streams Monday to Friday on Arica’s local radio Neura FM.  

Case 2 (Social) - Cocina País: Developed by Felipe Rodríguez, entrepreneur and owner of the healthy fast-food restaurant Tasty Beat. Cocina País is a collaborative platform that donates healthy and free meals for hospital workers and people in need. As of June 30, Cocina País had distributed more than 7,000 meals.

Case 3 (Entrepreneurship) – The Tunnel of Life by Grupo Air: The Chilean holding, that specializes in creating solutions dust control, adapted their clean air systems to contribute to protect the population against the virus. Grupo Air has created sanitization systems for public spaces such as The Tunnel of Life, a cabin for spaces of mass public transit, The Shower of Life, a booth for individual use, and The Corona Buster, a mobile unit designed for the disinfection of outside surfaces. 

Case 4 (Market) Monarch’s reinvention: The antibacterial properties found in copper inspired the Chilean brand Monarch, well known for their cotton products such as socks, tights and t-shirts, to manufacture face masks infused with copper particles. 


Additional Information:

Research and Production Process Breakdown:

Week 1 & 2:  Research & Interviews: We started by researching each case and its context, and the problematics that they were trying to solve. Then, we had Zoom interviews with all the project’s representatives or creators. Each interview lasted about 90 minutes.

Week 2 & 3: Content Development & Story Boards: The second step was to take all the information from the research process and the interviews and turn it into a script that will allow us to tell the story in less than two minutes. This took several sessions of brainstorming and editing. Once we had developed the text, we created a story board for each case and started developing the visual content for the clips.

Week 3, 4 & 5: Production & Edition: This includes the sound recording of the voiceover, translation for subtitles and the animation and editing process for each of the story boards plus coloring and sound editing.

All the work was done online and remotely.


Conceived, Created & Produced by

Paloma Estévez, Juan Pablo Vergara

Video Editing

Victor Leyton

Research Assistant

Tamara Dupre

Digital Animation

Alvaro Diaz


Carola Carstens


Paloma Estevez & Elana Boulos


Project Videos



La Creatividad no Para