PGIF Project: Establishing International Peace Summits in Brazil to Promote the Advancement of Mediation

Principal Investigator

Alexandra Beth Carter
Alexandra Beth Carter

Project Description

This ‘Partners for Peace’ Project promotes mediation: (i) in Brazil, India and Tokyo by organizing rule of law focused, multi-disciplinary, experiential International Summits; (ii) by introducing clinical education programs on mediation in 2 Indian universities; and (iii) by organizing training workshops for court-annexed mediation in New Delhi. 

The Project is proposed as a long term ongoing project with scalability in three countries under consideration presently as well as other countries. The present Project Grant application is envisaged to cover for next 2 years of Project ‘Partners for Peace’.

CLS Mediation Clinic has successfully conducted annual International Peace Summits in Tokyo in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for training ambassadors. We propose to continue the International Peace Summits in forthcoming 2 years, with next summits being scheduled in May and June 2019.  

CLS Mediation Clinic has established an ongoing partnership with University of Fortaleza and Columbia Global Centre in Rio De Janeiro for an International Peace Summit in 2019 with active support of United Nations Institute of Training and Research (“UNITAR”).  

In past year 2018, CLS Mediation Clinic successfully partnered with Maadhyam International (an NGO in Delhi) and Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre (“DHCMCC”) for conducting a 3 day Advanced Workshop for DHCMCC mediators. CLS Mediation Clinic is now partnering with Maadhyam International to establish clinical program for mediation at Amity International University and Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies in New Delhi. CLS Mediation Clinic is also organising in collaboration with UNITAR an International Peace Summit for diplomats from over 200 diplomatic missions in New Delhi with emphasis on multi-lateral disputes and peacemaking process. Maadhyam International and CLS Mediation Clinic are also working together on a proposal for organizing 4-day training workshop for mediators of DHCMCC at CLS in New York from June 3-6, 2019.