Promoting Young Children's Autonomous Learning

By: Alejandra Cortázar (TC’ 11)

Date: July 2020

Field: Education

Special thanks to: The World Bank, Sara Velasquez, Carolina Neumann, Victoria Contardo, Gonzalo Fuentes y Emilia Ibáñez

For more information: [email protected]


The project “Promoting Young Children Autonomous Learning” ( is a child-friendly webpage in Spanish that works as a repository of resources (digital and for printing) for young children (ages 3-6) to use autonomously from home while out of preschool.

The webpage is divided by age (3,4,5 and 6) and by developmental area (communication and expression, motor development, socio emotional and environment and mathematics). As of June 30 and for eight weeks at least three resources will be uploaded for  each age and developmental area, compiling over 480 resources by the end of the 10 weeks. The web page also includes a curatorship of free apps in Spanish for parents to install in computers, cellphones or tablets.

The proposed repository provides digital resources (books, stories, songs, games) that children can use independently that aim to promote autonomous learning through play (ludic activities?). We hope to contribute to children learning and development without generating an extra burden for their families in during stressful times caused by the Covid -19 pandemic.

Three early childhood specialists conducted a curatorship of existing online materials over two months. They were classified by four areas and 23 domains. All resources where tested by young children.

The web page was uploaded on July 2 2020.