Santiago Center’s 2020 Highlights

During 2020, the Santiago Center pivoted to online programming, looking to continue to discuss, promote research and encourage exchanges on issues that change the world. While most of that took the form of webinars, we also sponsored contests and alumni research to promote dissemination and awareness of Covid-19 and its calamitous effects.

As we head into 2021, still facing a worldwide health, financial and economic crisis brought on by this disease, we at the Santiago Center renew our commitment to advancing Columbia’s multidisciplinary approach in addressing local, regional and global issues, especially those related to this pandemic’s impact, repercussions and long-term consequences Working in association with our colleagues in New York and with the international network of nine Global Centers, tapping into University resources and expertise, we are redefining how we reach our audience, adjusting to a new normal and focusing on adaptability, cooperation and shared solutions to create content and experiences around critical, timely concerns.