March 04, 2017

The Insidious Harm Of The Turn On Immigration

The cost of the Trump administration’s abrupt changes in immigration policy, to individuals and families, to companies and communities, and to our nation’s standing as a place of tolerance and opportunity, are enormous. Far more sinister than travel bans and policy changes is the undeclared, and now seemingly common, practice of profiling on the basis of religion and origin.

July 30, 2012

Safwan Masri Named Vice President for Global Centers

President Lee C. Bollinger is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Safwan M. Masri as Vice President for Global Centers. Professor Kenneth Prewitt, who has served in that capacity since the position’s creation in 2009, will remain in a senior advisory role helping to chart the future course of Columbia’s globalization efforts. Today there are eight Columbia Global Centers located in Amman, Beijing, Paris, Mumbai, Istanbul, Santiago, Nairobi, and Rio de Janeiro.