University initiative for international students survey

University initiative for international students

The Global Centers are located in nine countries and provide the University with a worldwide network of expertise that facilitates engagement, research, and learning for students, faculty, and the public. Six of these nine Global Centers—Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Nairobi, Paris, and Tunis—will be ready in September to welcome students with upgraded technology, equipment, and full-time, onsite, trained staff. Our Center in Santiago will also be able to support the small number of students who will remain in Chile for the fall term. In addition, we plan to offer students access to space at WeWork locations in Beijing so that more students will have access to space to convene, collaborate, study, or just hang out. These spaces will be made available later in September.

Beginning in September, space at select WeWork locations will be available for temporary use during the fall term by Columbia’s international students. WeWork spaces under consideration are in cities where Columbia has large numbers of students, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Seoul. We will announce soon any additional access locations that will have space available this fall.

In order to access any of these locations—both current and potential—students must first fill out the survey below. The assessment will give us a chance to learn more about individual and collective student interests, where students are located, what their status is, which locations would be of greatest interest, and potential utilization. Once the survey is filled out, the Global Centers will be in touch soon with specific information and guidance on how to access these sites. Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to be an active member of the Columbia community in your home city.

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In addition to existing Global Center locations, the University is considering providing student access to study space in a number of cities. Below is a list of all cities where access will, or may, be made available–please indicate the city where you would like to gain access to space
If you do not have access to any of the cities above, and you would still like to access a space, enter the location below (pending availability):
I am a:
How often do you expect to use the space?
What time(s) of the day do you expect to use the space? (check all that apply)
How do you plan to use the location? (check all that apply)
Will you be traveling from outside of the city to this location?
Would you need help in securing overnight accommodation (at your expense)?
Would you be interested in volunteering to help provide on-the-ground support / coordination for your location?
I consent to share selections from the above data with the respective Columbia Global Center or WeWork site to coordinate my access to the selected location.