Istanbul Public

July 18, 2013

Studio-X Presentations at SALT Beyoğlu & Summer Design Workshop

Architect Rajeev Thakker will present Columbia University’s Studio-X project in Mumbai, which focuses on creating a collaborative platform for architects, artists, planners, developers, activists to engage in research, exhibitions, debates and various other processes with regard to the future of cities. Architects Jennifer Broutin Farah and Kamal Farah will present their current research and discuss strategies for cities as adaptive technologies.

June 06, 2013

How Turks Can Travel Freely in Europe

Columbia Global Centers | Turkey and the European Stability Initiative held a roundtable discussion June 6 on policy options regarding visa liberalization for Turkey, featuring Gerald Knaus (at right), chairman of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), who will present ESI’s more recent report, entitled, "Cutting the Turkey-EU Visa Knot: How Turks can travel freely to Europe."