Mailman Students Arrive in Chile for CISS Practicum on Global Health

July 04, 2022

Five graduate students from the Mailman School of Public Health have arrived in Chile to perform their global practicums with Universidad Mayor’s Research Center on Society and Health (CISS, according to its acronym in Spanish).

The Mailman graduate students, and the CISS professors with whom they will work, include:

  • Marissa Favet, who will focus on Health Policy and Management (HPM), will be in Chile for three months to research “Latin-American politics in a post-COVID scenario and the role of political platforms” under the direction of José Cabezas.
  • Sydney Fontalvo, focused on Sociomedical Sciences (SMS), will remain in Chile for three months to research “The mediation effect of alcohol use on the association between retiring and mental health among older adults: A cross-country analysis” under the direction of Antonia Díaz-Valdés.
  • Deirdre Gilmore, with an SMS focus, will stay in Chile for six months to research “Content analysis of the Chilean national drug strategy” under the direction of Alvaro Castillo-Carniglia.
  • Francesca McLaren, with an SMS focus, will remain in Chile for three months to research “Between Santiago and Tijuana: Comparing symptoms and the consequences of depression among Haitian migrants living in Chile and Mexico” under the direction of Teresita Rocha-Jiménez.
  • Claudia Michaels, with a focus on HPM, will stay in Chile for six months to research “Health consequences of public policy reforms across countries: Historical antecedents and current developments” under the direction of Esteban Calvo.

In June 2021, Mailman signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Universidad Mayor to further develop cooperation in the areas of education, research and other activities that they deem mutually beneficial, building upon the foundation established between Mailman, the Santiago Center and CISS. Under the direction of its Director and Mailman faculty member, Esteban Calvo, CISS kicked off the “Building Healthier Societies” program in 2018 to promote international research collaboration.