Robotics and Human Health: Assessment and Rehabilitation

June 02, 2023

This workshop, jointly organized by Columbia Global Centers | Tunis, the University of Sousse, ROAR Lab and LMS, brought together researchers in the field of robotics and health from both Columbia University and Tunisia, particularly the University of Sousse. It took place on June 1st and 2nd with the presence of CGC Tunis Director, Youssef Cherif, Pr. Sunil Agrawal, Professor at Columbia University's Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, as well as Postdoc Chawin Ophaswongse, and two Ph.D. students from Columbia University.

Professor Agrawal's talk provided an overview of the innovative robots designed at Columbia University's Robotics and Rehabilitation (ROAR) Laboratory. He showcased how these robots are being utilized in scientific studies to improve crucial human functions such as standing, walking, stair climbing, reaching, head turning, and more. The ROAR Laboratory's research focuses on individuals affected by stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, ALS, and age-related disorders, aiming to enhance their neuromuscular responses and overall quality of life.

In addition to Professor Agrawal's talk, Tunisian and Columbia scholars also got to present their research and their groundbreaking work in the field.