Santiago Internship Story: Researching US Attitudes to Chile During Pinochet’s Rule

August 19, 2022

Pablo Drake, an Astrophysics and History double major at Columbia, is performing his global virtual internship with Chile’s Universidad San Sebastián (USS), researching the attitude of US newspapers and other media towards Chile during the 1973 Pinochet coup and the following years of the dictator’s rule.

Working with USS’s History professor Cristian Medina, “I am looking at the presence of voices of the Chilean exile in US public discourse during the late 1970s and early 1980s,” says Drake. “As a History major, one of my interests is the politics of displaced peoples, and the creation of national identities outside the borders of a country. Although my personal research is focused on early 20th century Europe, the Cold War, and Chile in particular, this is a magnificent case study for the history of exile.”

Outside of academics, in his spare time Drake enjoys playing piano, playing soccer, and writing short stories.

Originally from Spain, Drake is one of the 21 students working this northern hemisphere summer in the Santiago Center-organized Global Virtual Internship Program