About the Research


The Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro hopes this study can also be considered as a small piece of this long chain of contributions towards a shared research process between a major country and a leading educational institution. Our main goal was to emphasize the relevance of Columbia University around the world and how its global initiative can generate results through decades.


All the writers involved in this study faced challenging research conditions. The group was spread over three continents with different time zones, researchers never met in person, the interaction was restricted to online platforms and we had to work with limited resources since physical archives were closed as a way to prevent the spread of the virus. Nonetheless, this volume offers us important insights from the past.

What's next?

As might be expected, our team’s research uncovered a large number of stories about Columbia and Brazil that we could not report upon in this brief study.  In the few concluding pages (Epilogue) of the publication, we have touched upon a few of these general areas, in the hope that these unexplored aspects of the story will suggests paths for future research.