Meet the President's Global Innovation Fund 2020 Awardees and Principal Investigators

Zoe Crossland

A&S: Social Sciences

Project Title: "Building Community Anthropology Across the Jordan Valley"

Yanis Ben Amor

Earth Institute

Project Title: "Youth health promotion via digital technologies: Towards building an international research network in forced migration settings"

Daniel Westervelt


Project Title: "Towards closing the air pollution data gap in sub-Saharan Africa through international collaboration and capacity building"


Lawrence R. Stanberry

Physicians & Surgeons

Project Title: "The Impact of Extreme Heat on Children’s Health in Africa Project"

Andrea Howard

Public Health

Project Title: "Implementation Science and Migrant Health: Addressing the Know-Do Gap"

Silvia Martins

Public Health

Project Title: "Overdose deaths in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the USA: a comparison analysis"

Monette Zard

Public Health

Project Title: "Health and Repatriation: Rebuilding the Health Care System in Post-Conflict Syria"


Lisa Anderson


Project Title: "Research in the Middle East: Ethics and Political Economies"