Asaad is a strategic analyst, humanitarian, and media advisor specializing in Syria, the Middle East and high conflict and crisis regions from Iran to Haiti. Asaad is a student/fellow in Columbia University doing his Masters in the International Affairs/International Security Policy Asaad works as a Programs manager with SETF (Washington based) which works on topics of human rights and preventing genocide. He is also a strategic advisor to the Lobo Institute working on disarming the children and de-radicalization. Asaad served in the Office of the Chairman of the White Helmets, supporting the chairman’s work in strategy, fundraising, messaging, as well as the communications with the donors and the international outreach. In 2019 Asaad started his company in US called EmissaLLC which now works with different companies and organization in advisory/ consulting efforts to improve their work in the Middle East. Prior to the White Helmets, Asaad worked with international media outlets and think tanks in Syria. He worked as a political officer with the Syrian opposition and as a media advisor for the High Negotiations Committee in Geneva. He studied commerce in Syria prior to the war.