Sumar is a Syrian-Iraqi General Studies student pursuing Neuroscience & Behavior. Before he fled Syria, he studied music with a focus on Oud at Sabah Fakhri Institute of Music in Aleppo (2004-2009). In 2010, he started at the Faculty of Medicine in Aleppo. He completed three years of his MD program before he had to leave. While in Iraq, he applied to Arab Idol season 3 and was selected among 8 contestants to represent Iraq. He left for the United States in 2015. Despite the challenges he faced getting back to school, and while he was working two jobs, he invested time to decide between medicine and music as a career. One day, one of his doctor customers at the Starbucks he worked at in Houston encouraged Sumar to apply to Columbia University. In 2018, he was awarded the Displaced Persons Scholarship, which was the only way that allowed him to continue his education.