June 26, 2019

La Mathématique Est-Elle une Discipline Littéraire?

Il est bien connu que les mathématiciens ont du mal à parler de ce que nous faisons aux non initiés. Le plus souvent, ces difficultés sont attribués aux spécificités des langages de notre discipline.

June 23, 2019

Youth in a Changing World - Tunis

Through a series of workshops with youth around the world, this project will identify the commonalities and differences among global youth populations, towards producing concrete proposals for both global and local approaches to meet ongoing challenges.

June 20, 2019

Understanding Culture and Heritage: The Kraft Global Fellowship Program

The Fellowship is a longstanding partnership between Columbia University, the Kraft Group, and the Columbia Global Centers, that seeks to promote interfaith and cross-cultural experience for Columbia University students and to enrich their communities through the acquired experiences and knowledge upon their return to campus.