Asia contributes 59% of the global TB caseload with the African region ranking second with 26% of the total burden. To understand the current status of TB and discuss recent advances in research and control, Columbia Global Centers Mumbai and Nairobi organized a panel discussion with leading experts on the topic from India, Kenya and the US.

How has the pandemic made us rethink ideas of home and the possibilities of global movement? What are the risks, anxieties and opportunities unearthed in its wake, and how will they inform writers and future works of fiction? 

Every year, Indian students form the University’s second largest cohort of international students. Given this deep interest among Indian students in applying to the Ivy League institution, the Center partnered with the Columbia School of Journalism and the Graduate School for Architecture, Planning and Preservation to offer relevant and timely information to prospective students through interactive information sessions.

What makes a startup investment-ready? Achieving product-market fit while maintaining good customer relationships and growing in different geographies/markets ensures investment readiness. 

A moral compass, epitomized by caring for the sick with compassion, is one of the essential building blocks of an effective healthcare system, remarked Vikram Patel, Pershing Square Professor of Global Health at Harvard Medical School.

Healthy ecosystems support livelihood security, combat climate change and prevent species’ mass extinction. Unfortunately, in the last century, the world has lost no less than 30% of its forests and 35% of its wetlands.

Here is a video documentary about the first cohort of the "Tunisia Foreign Language Teacher Education" project, which graduated in December 2021. The project is co-sponsored by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,  the U.S. Embassy in Tunis, Columbia University's Teachers College and  the Columbia Global Center|Tunis. It has provided professional development in English language teaching to thirty participants selected from ten higher education institutions in nine Tunisian provinces.

Columbia Global Centers and The Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement organized a webinar about ‘The Geopolitical Lure of Afghanistan: Shifting Alliances Under the New Regime’ where an impressive line-up of panelists explored the developing situation in Afghanistan from a historical and political perspective.