In marking International Women Day, Columbia Global Centers Nairobi partnered with a working committee of women leaders from the African Gender Taskforce - a virtual forum comprising of about 130 women who are passionate about all issues pertaining to and that affect women. The Women deliberated on plans / programs to empower women through training in key areas such as in productivity, security, sustainability, personal development and assertiveness.

The committee established 5 thematic areas under which training would be established and implemented. These are;

  • Internet for Development
  • Theatre for development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Health and Vulnerable Groups
  • Politics and Governance

The Committee determined that those in these smaller team would use their skills or expertise to offer training based on these five categories. Each category would also include a segment on personal development which would include topics such as on self-esteem, self-confidence and personal branding. The committee also deliberated on an action plan in order to implement this plans and agreed to meet consistently once a month.

Through the existing virtual forum comprising of about 130 women and growing, the women would continue to engage and use their gifting’s or expertise to empower others

On March 8, Reid Hall members, students, and faculty celebrated International Women's Day with a fundraiser for Le Filon, a local association that provides shelter and support for homeless women in Paris.

To mark International Women's Day, Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai and the US Consulate General in Mumbai organized a public lecture and panel discussion celebrating women directors in cinema. The lecture focused on the career of Ida Lupino, a popular Hollywood actor from the 1940s who went on to become a pioneer in the field of independent filmmaking. It was followed by a panel discussion on women in the Indian film industry with filmmaker Alankrita Shrivastava.

Columbia College alumna Yasmine Benabdallah has found a home away from home in the Paris Center.

Columbia Global Centers | Beijing Wishes You a Wonderful Year of the Dog !

The Institute for Religion, Culture & Public Life and Columbia Global Centers are organizing a conference entitled "Pluralism(s) in Emergencies: Movement, Space, and Religious Difference" in Tunis, Tunisia on July 11-12, 2018. The project is being organized with support from the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS) at the University of Oslo; and the Centre for Religion, Conflict, and Globalization at the University of Groningen. 

Yasutomo Uemura is Professor of Physics at Columbia University, and presently visiting Paris as a Visiting Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, supported by the Alliance faculty exchange program.

Mike Kaplan, an associate research professor at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), will be spending two months in Punta Arenas, at Universidad de Magallanes’ Centro de Investigación Gaia Antártica (CIGA). This visit is supported by Chile’s National Commission for Science and Technology (CONICYT), which provided an award to CIGA’s director Juan Carlos Aravena in the context of a program to support short-visits for foreign scientists, researchers and professors.

In her new book, Brazil: A Reconstruction, journalist Maria Paula Carvalho (JRN '13) shares insights on the current state of political and economic affairs in her home country.

To address the challenges of measurement in the education system and share latest research in the field, Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai organized a workshop on February 12 for academics, educators and stakeholders entitled ‘Evidence-Based Education (EBE) for Enhancing Educational Quality.’ The workshop was led by Madhabi Chatterji, Professor of Measurement, Evaluation, and Education and Founding Director of the Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Columbia Global Centers, in partnership with the No-Boundaries Committee, have launched the third annual 2018 No-Boundaries International Art Exhibitions to foster global awareness and social responsibility in young citizens around the world.