Santiago Virtual Internship: The Right to Information to Bolster Democracy

August 09, 2022

Alison Hog, a rising sophomore at Barnard College who plans to major in Sociology, is performing her summer internship with the Transparency Council of Chile, whose mission is to enforce the right to access information, transparency, and personal data protection.

Hog, originally from Peru, is one of the 21 students working this northern hemisphere summer in the Santiago Center-organized Global Virtual Internship Program. She carries out research in the Council’s studies and research department, providing support with different tasks that require the search, compilation, and analysis of information needed by other departments. “So far, I have systematized the open questions of different Council satisfaction surveys, attended international seminars and written reports on them, and conducted research on various topics such as migration and sacrifice zones in Chile,” she says. “This internship has allowed me to hone my research and analytical skills and personally learn how democracy can be preserved by guaranteeing the right of access to public information.”

Hog explains that her interest in the internship originally stemmed from her desire to improve the situation of her home country. “In Peru, the lack of transparency and accountability by state bodies has resulted in never-ending political crises that profoundly affect the economic, political, and social spheres of public life. As a result, I have grown to highly value efforts, such as those made by the Transparency Council of Chile, to ensure transparency and integrity in the government,” she notes.

In her free time, she likes to do creative writing, go hiking, and spend time with loved ones.