PGIF News: Columbia-China Conference Explores Research Collaboration to Advance Precision Medicine

December 19, 2019

On December 19, the Columbia-China Musculoskeletal Genetics Conference concluded at South University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China. This one-day Conference is an important part of the Columbia-China Musculoskeletal Genetic Project led by Edward Guo, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Department Chair at Columbia Engineering. The project is an awardee of the President's Global Innovation Fund Round 7 at Columbia University.

The Conference invited leading scientists in human genetics and musculoskeletal disorders at Columbia and prestigious universities in China to exchange on their latest research and to explore research collaboration in the Musculoskeletal Genetic area, which aims to revolutionize studies in musculoskeletal precision medicine at an unprecedented level.

X. Edward Guo (Columbia University), Jiucun Wang (Fudan University), William Lv (The University of Hong Kong), Bin Tang (South University of Science and Technology), Huofeng Zheng (Westlake University), and other scientists participated in the discussion. 

As one of the hosts, the Beijing Center has worked closely with the PI and research team at Department of Biomedical Engineering to organize the international conference and to implement the research collaboration exploration. We look forward to extending the achieved knowledge to further the efforts to expand research base by including more collaborators and institutions, and to establish an appropriate international collaboration platform in China with mutually agreeable and beneficial guidelines and regulations.