PGIF Awardees – Round 7

Lead PI: Tonda Hughes

Project Title: "Addressing Research Gaps on Sexual Minority Health in Chile Using the 2016-2017 National Health Survey"

Lead PI: Andreas Hielscher

Project Title: "Development of Novel Methods and Technologies for the Diagnosis, Monitoring and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Syndrome"


Lead PI: Eric Verhoogen

Project Title: "Evaluating an Export Promotion Scheme in Tunisia"

Lead PI: Yanis Ben Amor

Project Title: "Health Promotion Via Digital Technologies Among Young Refugees in Turkey"

Lead PI: Terry McGovern

Project Title: "Improving Capacity to Address Gender-Based Violence: A Public Health and Law Evaluation of a GBV Clinic in Kisumu, Kenya"

Lead PI: Dylan Possamaï

Project Title: "Massive Entry of Renewable Energy in Chile: Operation, Storage and Intermittency"

Lead PI: Craig Spencer

Project Title: "Measuring Human Rights Violations and Mortality Amongst Migrants and Refugees in the Sahel Region (Year 2)"


Lead PI: Kavita Ahluwalia

Project Title: "Oral Health Program Planning and Evaluation: Training for Action with New Partners"

Lead PI: X. Edward Guo

Project Title: "Planning Columbia-China Musculoskeletal Genetic Center"

Lead PI: Nikhar Gaikwad

Project Title: "Political Economy of Water and Environmental Sustainability in India"

Lead PI: Alexandra Beth Carter

Project Title: "Project Proposal to establish International Peace Summits, to establish Mediation Clinics in India and to promote advancement of mediation skills in India"

Lead PI: Kellie Bryant

Project Title: "Starting a Simulation-Based Nursing Education Program in Rural India"

Lead PI: Angel Munoz

Project Title: "The Chilean Next Generation of Seasonal Climate Forecasts"

Lead PI: Saidiya Hartman

Project Title: "The Sojourner Project South Africa: A Black Mobile Academy"