Navigating the Road to Columbia Law: Insights from Nairobi Center's Information Session

CGC | Nairobi hosts Columbia Law School's information session on the two pathways to earning an LL.M. degree. 

October 25, 2023

Columbia Law School prides itself on the intellectual rigor of its curriculum and the groundbreaking scholarship of its faculty. Drawing strength from the vast interdisciplinary resources of Columbia University—and the global stage of New York City— students at the Law School complete their legal training ready to engage with the world's most challenging issues across borders, jurisdictions, subject matters, sectors, and industries.

julie sculi

To further inspire students from the East African region to seize the opportunity and gain from the School's academic excellence and extensive resources, the Nairobi Center welcomed Julie Sculli, the Assistant Dean of the Office of Graduate Degree Programs at Columbia Law. During her visit, she offered valuable guidance to prospective students on the compelling reasons to select Columbia Law as their academic destination. Sculli delved deep into Columbia's two distinct pathways to the LL.M. degree, elucidated the eligibility criteria, provided step-by-step instructions for the application process, and concluded by providing an overview of the various financial options available to support their pursuit of a Columbia Law degree. 

julie sculie alums

This engaging session sparked a multitude of questions from both the online and in-person audience. These inquiries ranged from whether there is an age limit for the available scholarships to what prospective applicants should include in their essays to enhance their chances of securing merit-based financial aid. Julie Sculli conveyed to the participants that there are no age restrictions for the available scholarships. Additionally, she explained that there are no specific templates or prescribed scripts for merit-based essays. Instead, students are encouraged to make a compelling case while being thoughtful in including the name of the specific fellowship they are applying for, considering there are more than 25 different fellowships available. Also present in the event were three Columbia Law Alumni Students, Felix Oketch LAW 2020, Victoria Taban Modong LAW 2020 and Justice Gatuyu LAW 2022, who gave their inputs and shared their experiences with the audience 

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