East African nations making significant strides to improve air quality management.

Four Columbia graduate students presented their research being performed in conjunction with Universidad Mayor’s CISS.

Annika Hogan is in Chile studying the role of social support among Haitian migrants.

The series of panel discussions shares lessons learned in the aftermath of two major earthquakes and lays the foundation for enduring recovery.

CGC Nairobi hosts a memorable CU 2023 send-off, uniting current students and alumni to welcome incoming students.

Ocampo called for reforms of global, regional and subregional support networks to generate greater impact in developing countries.

Over 40 potential applicants attended an info session organized by the Santiago Center and the CBS Alumni Club of Chile.

Apply by September 8th for the Fall 2023 virtual program on Flourishing African Cities with the Global Columbia Collaboratory and Nairobi Center.

Skyler Standridge CC'25 shares his learning experience in Beijing this summer and how it has enriched his research on U.S.-China relations.

The event - supported by the Santiago Center - brought together distinguished leaders from the public and private sectors in Chile and the region.

Tenggeer Hao GSAS'24, a resident scholar at the Beijing Center, explores the unexpected intersection of Chinese wisdom and cinematic expression.

The goal is to expand on the exchange program with the University's Research Center on Society and Health.

The inaugural group of scholars-in-residence include Wolfgang R. Mann, Lauran Hartley and Tenggeer Hao.

Meet Chukwuma Okereke MPH'24 and Jasmine Aissata Kouyate GSAS'25 as they share their incredible internship experiences at the Nairobi Center. 

The group of 14 is the inaugural cohort of the Columbia Climate Corps Chile & Argentina Program.