Using mutlidisplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches to enhance the livelihoods of communities in Northern Kenya 

Victoria Amelina was a Ukrainian novelist, essayist, poet, and human rights activist based in Kyiv.

Istanbul-based journalists engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about Turkey's eventful year of 2023.

In a project led by Columbia professors Lola Ben-Alon and Lynnette Widder, the Raw Earth Sgraffito Pavilion was inaugurated in May 2023.

Books must maintain their value in children's lives and in school environments as the world becomes more reliant on information technology.

By Jasmine Kouyate GSAS'25

Check out these four photos and reflections below from this year's graduates.

The event brought together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts who explored the cutting-edge advancements in precision medicine. 

The Tunis Center hosted Joseph Terwilliger, professor of neurobiology, psychiatry, genetics and development, and the Sergievsky Center at Columbia University. 

Industry leaders, policymakers, and project developers attend a private-sector engagement on carbon markets at the Nairobi Center. 

The course aims to train professionals who work in the public sector and to strengthen public policies with a focus on sustainable development.

The fourth and last story from the panel on "Rising from the Rubble" series.

The Mumbai Center  partnered with Columbia University’s Institute for Training Outreach and Community Health for a day-long symposium.

Columbia Global to highlight World Refugee Day and the plight of millions around the world forced to flee their homelands.

The Tunisia-part of the "Youth-Led Advocacy Initiative for Global Citizenship, Responsibility, and Cooperation" Workshop.

He will co-teach a course on jurisprudence and current challenges of the International Court of Justice.