The trailblazing journalist and documentary filmmaker was honored alongside six other fellow Columbians during the Alumni Weekend in April.

"Columbia has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to explore, the courage to experiment, and the fortitude to learn from one's failures."

"I am extremely appreciative of this valuable opportunity to combine my academic interests and affinity for the arts."

Soli Özel presents a picture of Turkey's current political topography just before the elections on May 14.

As Turkey approaches the elections, journalists discussed how election campaigns are being monitored and covered.

She took part in a panel about freedom of expression in Latin America organized by the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression program.

"This internship has incentivized me to uncover different dimensions of Columbia previously unbeknownst to me."

Açelya Uçan from Mor Çatı Women's Shelter shared the challenges for women in the earthquake zone and their long-term support plans.

MFA alumnae Constanza Majluf, Natalia Luque, and Cecilia Otero, are the directors and producer of “My Independence Day” and "So they Say."

The title of the lecture was: ‘The Monogenic Architecture of Retinal and Neurological Diseases’.

At a time in which freedom of press was nonexistent in Chile, Columbia’s Journalism School honored a courageous reporter in 1983. 

As people around the globe celebrate World Press Freedom Day today, May 3, one of the cornerstones of democracy is under threat in many countries.

Columbia faculty are encouraged to submit research proposals that address issues related to urban sustainability, the green economy and land use.

Growing up in a refugee community in Pakistan, Shabnam Fayyaz never dreamed that years later she would graduate from Columbia University.

I’m from Toronto, Canada and I’m currently completing my Master’s Degree in Global Thought.