The Tunis Center, with Pristini School of AI and Aiphabet, organized a three-day Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for high school students.

Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai hosted the Columbia Fall 2023 Student Sendoff on July 28, 2023.

A discussion on how electoral outcomes in both countries could shape the bilateral relations and foreign policies.

A junior at Columbia College, he is interning in Chile thanks to contacts established by the Santiago Center.

The ocean generates oxygen and food, a critical role in sustaining life on earth. That role is in peril. Join leading climate experts as they discuss what Brazil must do to ensure the ocean’s future. And our own

GSAS' Javiera Irribarren is researching Transmedia & Graphic Narratives, New Media & Latin American Science Fiction Literature.

Columbia students and faculty embarked on a 2,000-kilometer odyssey through the ancient wonders of Western Turkey.

Thanks to the efforts of Columbia faculty, Kirberg managed to escape the Pinochet regime and start over as a free man.

Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai organized an event, The Himalayas As Muse, as part of its ‘Writing Indian Stories’ series.


Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai delved into the influence of radio in South Asia for over half a century through a book discussion.





On July 14th, Education for Employment Tunisia (EFE-Tunisia) visited Columbia Global Centers | Tunis with 10 startups from their first Startech Women incubation cohort.

Additionally, following his graduation from Columbia, José María started working as a Copy Editor at Telemundo 47. 

La Persistance de la Couleur is an exhibition of paintings by Camila Salame, on view at the Reid Hall Caféothèque in the summer of 2023. The following text is a description of the exhibition by Christina Chirouze Montenegro, curator and manager of the Reid Hall Caféothèque.

On July 10th, the "1 Tree, 1 World" immersive parent-child exhibition, jointly created by artists from multiple countries and Chinese children, opened at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing. Through immersive and interactive experiences, the collection guides children and their parents in exploring together, as they gain insights into the growth process of a tree and explore their own life experiences.

Using mutlidisplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches to enhance the livelihoods of communities in Northern Kenya