The Tunis Center hosted a lecture on American Avant-Garde Filmmaking by Columbia professor Richard Peña.

Columbia Global Centers | Tunis recently hosted a workshop that took participants on a journey through the realm of American Fringe Cinema. 

We no longer live in the age of an avant-garde in which Paris sheds its light around the world, but we are in the midst of something as exciting – a transformation of received forms of knowledge that will equip us, inside and outside the academy, to help the world, change the university, and rethink the challenges that face it.

Undoubtedly, Paris is not unique as a center of these profound movements affecting arts and thought in pre-war Europe. But in this aesthetic storm, Paris-Montparnasse, more than any other capital, created a mythology, where gold, art, and filth mingle.

At long last, the Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc is once again ready to welcome students, faculty, staff, and guests – its luster restored and its spirit rekindled, the heart of Reid Hall beating into its 110th year.

The Chilean engineer is a member of the inaugural cohort of the Center for Global Energy Policy's Charif Souki Global Energy Fellowship.

The Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc, built at Reid Hall in 1912, has been extensively renovated thanks to the generous support of Judith Ginsberg and Paul LeClerc.

The third story from the panel on "Rising from the Rubble Vol I: Documenting Earthquake's Impact and Emphasizing Collaborative Reconstruction Efforts."

The Masters Direct Entry program is designed to teach nursing students more about real-world experiences and scenarios.

Barnard College student Izabella Lizarazo is studying abroad in Santiago, Chile, through the Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad.

The EC-Africa program at Columbia Business School equips entrepreneurs from mid-sized African companies with the skills, tools, and network to professionalize and grow their businesses in today’s global environment.

Josefina Streeter was drawn to the program due to its interdisciplinary nature and rigorous scientific foundation.

This workshop is jointly organized by Columbia Global Centers | Tunis, the University of Sousse, ROAR Lab and LMS.

Climate Hub | Rio event highlights the importance of planning integrated public policies for water security and sustainable development