Nine Columbia Kraft Global Fellows went on to explore Tunisia's olive pressing process and olive oil industrial production.

City Diplomacy Lab leads training on mixed migration challenges to foster institutional innovation and sustainable development.

Nine Columbia students enjoyed a guided tour of the Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to 698 A.D. 

Thirty-three students from Columbia and Harvard gathered for a first-of-its kind networking event in Tunis.

Djerba, an island in the south of Tunisia, is renowned as a sanctuary for various religious and cultural groups.

During their stay in Tunisia, the Kraft Global Fellows seized the opportunity to explore one of the country's premier historical sites.

A location of great historical importance not only to Tunisia but also to the broader Mediterranean region.

Professor Paul Love, the author of 'The Ottoman Ibadis of Cairo', delivered a talk on the social history of the Ibadi Muslims.

The French Ambassador to Tunisia, Ms. Anne Guéguen, organized a reception for Columbia students at the French Residence.

Professor Houssem Eddine Chachia delivered a lecture on the power and network of the Moriscos in Tunisia during the early modern period. 

CGC Tunis welcomed the 2024 Kraft Global Fellows for a vibrant exploration of North Africa's past and present.

Along with a team of researchers, Mike Kaplan recently conducted fieldwork in the north of the country.

The renowned lawyer and recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Alumnus Award passed away at 92.

Selected students will travel to Chile during spring break for an interfaith and cultural exchange trip.