Tunis - Health and Medicine

Public health has always been the core focus of the Columbia Global Centers | Tunis. Long before the pandemic, the Tunis center hosted several events on a variety of topics ranging from child and adolescent psychology to covid-19 in Africa, etc. Moreover, the center is a niche for two programs:

  • Measuring Human Rights Violations and Mortality among Migrants and Refugees in the Sahel Region 
  • Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics 


Related Events

This LRHG lecture featured our first speaker from Central Africa, Dr. Aimé Lumaka.

CGC Tunis and Institut Pasteur de Tunis hosted the 22nd LRHG lecture, featuring Pr.

This event was a special collaboration between the Tunis Center, Institut Pasteur de Tunis, and the Nairobi Global Center. 

The event brought together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts who explored the cutting-edge advancements in precision medicine. 

The title of the lecture was: ‘Exploring the oral microbiota by metagenomics appraoch: from Bacteria to Archaea’.

The lecture was about "A multi-disciplinary examination of Alzheimer Disease in extreme samples".

The event began with a lecture by Dr. Khouloud Rjiba, a researcher at the University Hospital Farhat Hached Sousse.

The 14th lecture from the Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics (2.0) course was about Simple Traits ?

Colorectal cancer screening and optimal strategies lecture by Chin Hur, Columbia University Irving Medical Center professor.