What We Do

Our programs have three core components: Education, Research, and Public Engagement.

ELP Students and Columbia Alumni


Education plays a central role at the Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi. It is the basis on which the Center brings together academics from local institutions and those from Columbia University. Education programming leads to the exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge. It also enhances enlightenment through understanding of the constantly changing global trends and seeking viable solutions. Some areas of collaboration are in the fields of science, arts, technology, business and engineering among others. 

Research Presentation


Research plays a fundamental role in all our activities at Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi.  It is the resource that we use to tap into the Columbia University Faculty expertise which is consequently implemented on the ground to improve the livelihood of communities.  CGC | Nairobi serves as a regional hub for research and collaboration as part of Columbia University’s strategy to achieve a global presence and links the continent to Columbia’s scientific rigor, technological innovation, and academic leadership. The Center provides Columbia students and academics with a base from which to conduct research in and for Africa. To encourage and support research at the Global Centers, Lee C. Bollinger, the former president of Columbia University, established the President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF) which provides support to Columbia Faculty who utilize the 9 Global Centers as a resource for teaching and research activities.

Global Think-In Event

Public Engagement

At Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi , we value the art of engagement by being actively involved in finding solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.  The Center regularly hosts forums involving diverse panels of experts and invites the public to participate as the audience.  This provides a base of interaction between the experts and the audience to establish possible solutions to issues like climate change, environment conservation, youth empowerment and food security among others.