Environment & Sustainability

The environment, as an exhaustible resource, is what we are dependent upon to live. Sustainability is the way we must pursue to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. The global importance of the big theme is the best basis for consensus and cooperation. Serving as a critical regional bridge, the Beijing Center leverages Columbia's cutting-edge, world-class research capabilities to launch China-focused projects on the issues of sustainability and environmental protection; it strives to highlight potential solutions specific to China's unique state of economic development. 

Working with the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Center on Global Energy Policy, and other participants, the Beijing Center is organizing discussions and facilitating collaborations to further the bilateral cooperation between Columbia and China. The Beijing Center makes the most of the faculty's academic expertise and connects it to local insights and efforts in the region, so they can learn from one another and increase joint forces to mobilize more research and resource for advancing existing fundamentals and technologies.


The Beijing Center invited scholars and veteran investors to bring in insider insight and exchange opinions on practical and actionable measures.

Columbia Global Centers | Beijing is pleased to present the book talk and discussion on The Sustainable City.

On December 1, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing hosted a press conference and a symposium on sustainable development to unveil the Evaluation