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Serving as a critical regional bridge, the Beijing Center leverages Columbia's cutting-edge, world-class research capabilities to launch China-focused projects on the issues of sustainability and environmental protection; it strives to highlight potential solutions specific to China's unique state of economic development. Working with SEAS, the Center on Global Energy Policy, and other participants, the Beijing Center is organizing discussions and facilitating collaborations to further the bilateral cooperation between Columbia and China.

In 2021, responding to the energy needs, climate change challenges and opportunities in green technologies among emerging Asian nations, the Beijing Center developed a Global Seminar Series titled on Energy and Climate Change in Emerging Asia, in partnership with Columbia SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy and the Mumbai Center. Common energy needs and differing climate change challenges among emerging Asian countries were the focus of discussions. More than 200 students and 400 others participated in local live streaming events that were designed to enhance understanding of issues via in-depth comparative analyses and help train their analytical and research skills.

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January 05, 2022

Ecosystem Restoration in India

Healthy ecosystems support livelihood security, combat climate change and prevent species’ mass extinction. Unfortunately, in the last century, the world has lost no less than 30% of its forests and 35% of its wetlands.

January 05, 2021

Healthy Cities! Nairobi Non Motorized Transport Policy: Popular Version Launch

This first session in partnership with the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations and the Center for Sustainable Development at the Earth Institute in a two-part series that takes a hard look at Kenya’s Urban Transportation Infrastructure in an age of climate change. This session discussed the state of NMT infrastructure in Kenya. 

December 02, 2020

CGTN: Report on China's development points to successes and challenges ahead

On December 1, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing hosted a press conference and a symposium on sustainable development to unveil the Evaluation Report on the Sustainable Development of China 2020 with Columbia University Earth Institute, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, and Ali Research Institute.

March 25, 2019

Climate Hazards in the Arabian Sea

“Climate Change and its impact on marine ecosystems is bringing a series of changes; affecting national security, water security as well as food security,” noted Joaquim Goes, Lamont Research Professor of Biology and Paleoenvironment at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, in a workshop held at Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai on February 20-21, 2019.  The workshop brought together 25 scientists to discuss strategies for managing marine ecosystems in the wake of climate change.

March 24, 2019

Cereals and their Impact on Environment and Nutrition

India’s transition from a cereal importing to exporting country over the last fifty years is a testament to the remarkable success of the Green Revolution that heralded a surge in production of rice and wheat.  While the ubiquitous roti remains a staple in many Indian diets, increased yields and consumption of select cereals have come at the expense of lower-yielding traditional coarse cereals such as pearl millet (bajra), sorghum (jowar), and finger millet (ragi).

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