Our Thematic Areas

The rich public programming offered at our Center draws on the diverse and rich resources of the Columbia University and the Global Centers network, creating a productive space of intellectual encounter and inquiry.

Health Initiatives 
We are at the forefront of initiating and supporting health projects ranging from food and nutrition, maternal health, child mortality, dental health, water and sanitation, communicable and non-communicable diseases, food production and community health worker training.  

Business Empowerment 
Our Center provides opportunities to the local business community, for workshops and seminars, offered by Columbia University faculty in collaboration with local experts and industry specialists. 

Creative and Liberal Arts 
We value our heritage and pride ourselves in sharing these diverse forms of expressions with the world while at the same time providing a forum for harnessing these skills by advancing  and impacting knowledge through training and cultural diversity programs.

Film professor, Richard Pena has been one of our visitors at the center. While at the center, he encouraged Kenyans to use the considerable talent of its actors to address its own social and political issues as well as to grow its film industry

Education and Knowledge
We promote Knowledge Sharing by providing a platform where ideas are shared among peers through a collaborative process between Columbia University and local institutions. This ultimately provides an enhanced understanding and a pathway to finding solutions for pressing global challenges.