Public Speaker Series: Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul maintains a speakers series with distinguished academics, intellectuals, business leaders, and artists on a broad scope of issues with regional and global impact. The speaker series aim to attract a wide audience with thought provoking lectures focusing on the most compelling issues of our time and create a lively platform for exchange of ideas and conversation.

Conferences and Workshops: The Istanbul Center cooperates with partners on campus and in the region to organize a variety of conferences, workshops and seminars throughout the year. The Center gathers local and international experts that provide important opportunities for academic dialogue and intellectual engagement. Many of these events are also open for the public to attend.

Student and Alumni Relations: The Istanbul Center creates a hub for Columbia students and alumni in the region by organizing regular gatherings, where current and prospective students, parents and alumni learn about the centers, projects and programs, meet with the team and gain awareness of Columbia's mission on global education.

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September 30, 2017

Sanatsal İfade Özgürlüğü

Columbia Global Centers Istanbul, İsveç Konsolosluğu ve DEPO işbirliğiyle sanatta sansür konusunu ulus ötesi perspektifte tartışmak amacıyla önceki akşam ‘Tartışmalı Alanlarda Sanatsal İfade’ isimli bir panel düzenledi.

September 28, 2017

Artistic Expression in Contested Terrains

Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul and the Consulate General of Sweden, in collaboration with DEPO is organizing a panel with international experts to discuss current obstacles to artistic freedom of expression, different modalities of censorship, and existing and possible forms of struggles against rights violations in a comparative perspective.