Since its inauguration in March 2012, the GCG Santiago has held over 80 programs, mainly in Santiago (although we are always in the process of trying to decentralizing our operations by organizing public events in the country’s regions).  They have ranged from brown bag conversations with visiting faculty members to film festivals and from large conferences to recruitment sessions. We have also held several events at Campus in New York.

One of the reasons of the success of our public programs is the fact that we have always team-up or joint-venture as co-sponsors with the main Chilean universities, think-tanks, business organizations or NGOs. This, in order to reach out to a larger audience and, most importantly, to create and strengthen Columbia’s relationship with the local academic/scientific/ business community. Another reason behind our achievements in this area is that we have focused our public programs on topics that have concrete and long-term impact in Chile as we seek to introduce new issues and discussions in the public policy agenda. Among them are Population Aging, Biomedical Engineering, Renewables Energies, Antibiotic-Resistance, Waste to energy processes, e-policy, and Business Ethics.

Our program themes have had a multidisciplinary focus and range from Mental Health to the Arts and from Human Rights to Business Affairs. However, important focus has been put on the Earth Sciences, Corporate Governance, Media and Communications, Film and the Arts, Public Policy, and Science & Engineering.

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December 04, 2017

Public School Children Construct Memory Through Art

"The Route of Freedom and Hope" was the name chosen by the children from primary school Escuela Republica de Israel for the one-day art intervention they organized at Plaza Yungay, one of Santiago's  most emblematic public spaces, to remember and honor the victims of the Holocaust. They had been learning and reflecting on diversity and human rights in their History, Language, Religion and Art classes throughout the semester in the framework of an innovative educational project implemented by this public school’s principal and teachers.

November 23, 2017

Lecture on Russian History: The 1904-07 Revolution

A different Russian Revolution, occured ten years before 1917, tells us more about Russian politics and society than the one being commemorated in its centenial and is linked to global developments in deeper ways than the latter. This was the argument  developed by Columbia’s history professor Catherine Evtuhov  in a lecture entitled “Was There a Revolution in 1917? A View from Russia’s Imperial Period”.

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Centro de Extensión y Centro de Estudios Avanzados y Extensión – PUCV (Antonio Bellet 314, Providencia, Metro Manuel Montt.)
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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