Research Projects

The Tunis Center serves as a regional hub for research and collaboration as part of the University’s mission to expand its international network. The Center provides students and scholars a base from which to conduct research in Tunisia and for the regions of Western and Northern Africa.

To encourage and support research at the Global Centers, the President of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, established the President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF), a program providing grants to Columbia Faculty who utilize the 9 Global Centers as a resource for teaching and research activities. The program is designed as a venture fund to enable the development of projects and research collaborations within and across these sites, in order to increase global opportunities for research, teaching, and service.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of Columbia University faculty, the Tunis Center promotes reflection and action on Tunisia’s most pressing issues. We seek out and support important research conducted locally to deepen collaborations between Columbia, our Center, and critical research institutes across Tunisia.


Pr. Eric Verhoogen presenting Why Export matters

President's Global Innovation Fund (PGIF)

The President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF) awards grants for faculty members to collaborate with Columbia’s network of global centers. The program aims to enable the development of new projects and scholarly collaborations across global centers, in order to increase global opportunities for research, teaching, and service.

For more information:

Evaluating an Export Promotion Scheme in Tunisia

Eric Verhoogen: Professor of International and Public Affairs and of Economics; Co-Director, Center for Development Economics and Policy

Measuring Human Rights Violations and Mortality Amongst Migrants and Refugees in the Sahel Region

Craig Spencer: Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Population and Family Health at the Columbia University Medical Center

Research in the Middle East: Ethics and Political Economies

Lisa Anderson: James T. Shotwell Professor Emerita of International Relations; Special Lecturer; Dean Emerita of the School of International and Public Affairs

A Youth-led Advocacy Initiative for Global Citizenship

Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul, in collaboration with Columbia Global Centers | Tunis, Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development and its School of International and Public Affairs, Boğaziçi University, Anadolu University, South Mediterranean University, and Global Master’s in Development Practice, have kicked off their project titled “Youth-led Advocacy Initiative for Global Citizenship, Responsibility, and Cooperation,” supported by the President’s Global Innovation Fund, on October 27, 2022, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Water project

Solar Energy Desalination Analysis Tool (SEDAT): a user-friendly, open-source software for enabling a comparative evaluation of solar desalination technology options and using geospatial data layers to identify regions of high-potential for solar thermal desalination.

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