Scholar-in-Residence Program in Beijing


Summer 2024

This diverse group includes three Columbia University faculty members: Mike He from the Department of Sociology, Ty Lawson from the Journalism School, and Ibrahim Odeh from the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

These scholars will spend their residency delving into compelling research topics related to China's contemporary challenges and opportunities, including developing predictive models for air pollution, exploring the challenges of leveraging Chinese cinema to enhance the country's soft power, and examining the latest trends transforming the engineering and construction industries.


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Columbia Global Centers | Beijing offers Columbia University's faculty, researchers, postdocs, and doctoral students opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary interaction or research-related programs with their counterparts in China to expand their research, teaching, and learning footprints and the international researcher network.

Through the program, scholars are invited to stay for one to six weeks to update their teaching curricula, plan student study abroad programs, and actively organize academic conferences, workshops, research collaborations, and other educational events of global significance.

By doing so, we aim to enhance their expertise, broaden their perspectives, and strengthen their network of collaborations with scholars and professionals from China and the region, which will further enrich their teaching and research capabilities.

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  • Faculty members with full-time professorial titles, modified or unmodified
  • Instructors
  • Doctoral and postdoctoral candidates
  • Professional officers of research (senior research scientists/scholars, research scientists/scholars, associate research scientists/scholars)
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Project Types
  • Scholarly events (conferences, workshops, symposia) engaging Columbia faculty and in collaboration with local scholars/scientists and/or institutions/organizations
  • Research collaborations, such as pilot research projects, feasibility studies, and linkages with local universities, NGOs, and/or government agencies
  • Development/implementation of educational or research-related initiatives at the Beijing Center
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One to six weeks during the 2023-24 academic year

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Award Value

Expenses that can be covered by the funds include:

  • Travel (up to $1,500)
  • Office and event space
  • Research-related or academic exchange program consultation and implementation  
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Contact Us

For any inquiries related to the Scholar-in-Residence program, email us at [email protected]

Spring 2024 Cohort

Thomas Hatch
Thomas Hatch

Professor of Education; Director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST)

Small Steps, Big Impact: Micro-Innovations in Education

Joanna SW Lee-Brown
Joanna Lee

Ph.D. student of modern Chinese Literature associated with the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society

Visions of Emancipation: Islam, Socialism, and Third World Internationalism in the People’s Republic of China from the Cold War to the Present

Fall 2023 Cohort

Lauran Hartley
Lauran Hartley

Director of the Modern Tibetan Studies Program

Modern Tibetan Literature in China

Tenggeer Hao

Ph.D. student in modern Chinese literature and cinema at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Indigenous Theory, Aesthetics, Philosophy in Chinese Film Media


Latin American Cinema
Chinese Medium-and Long Term Oil Demand Outlook
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