Global education is a priority for Columbia University and its network of Global Centers. As such, the Santiago Center is putting special focus on education considering the challenges that Chile faces on this topic. Since its foundation, the Santiago Center has developed and facilitated various academic and professional training programs for Columbia students in collaboration with local partners.

These programs cover a variety of subjects and benefit mostly Columbia graduate and PhD students, although since 2017 several undergraduates have undertaken fieldwork in Chile through study abroad programs. These activities include academic exchanges between astrophysics students at Columbia University and Universidad Católica and between graduate students of the Aging Center of the Mailman School of Public Health and Universidad Mayor.

In another example of collaboration, the spring 2018 semester marked the first year of the literary translation workshop Word for Word, bringing together graduate students at Columbia University’s School of the Arts and at Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) in Chile.

Throughout 2018, other activities involving education included a January visit from renowned Psychology and Education professor Deanna Kuhn who led a workshop on promoting critical thinking; in March, former President of Teachers College (TC), Susan Fuhrman, participated in a dialogue on educational reform and met with TC alumni living in Chile; while in May education economist Thomas Bailey held a series of discussions on the challenges of technical-professional education in both the US and in Chile.

Mid-November, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education Nick Wasserman participated in the International Psychology of Mathematics Education’s (PME) first Regional Conference in South America, which took place in the city of Rancagua in Chile, and in November, co-Director of the Columbia Population Research Center, Jane Waldfogel, participated in the international seminar on public policies in family and childhood.

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