The Art of Power

What role does art production play in contemporary geopolitics? How does the global art market reflect changes in a nation’s political, economic and cultural influence? French gallery owner Nathalie Obadia responded to these questions and more in her conversation with artist Valérie Belin.

September 24, 2019

The Nature of Sound: A Mini-Festival

The Nature of Sound is a series exploring the diverse sound worlds of contemporary music. The three concerts present American composer-performers renowned for their inventive and virtuosic artistic practices in electronic and acoustic composition, sound art, and improvisation.

October 10, 2019

"C'est une visionnaire": Two days of visionary women

Our fall programming is focused on theme of 'Sirens', and with this theme we are spending the semester exploring the ideas and images that surround water, female tribes, and warning cries. Particularly, our programming focuses on the female voice. We were honoured, therefore, to include choreographer and dancer Bintou Dembélé's voice, and dance moves, in our programming this semester.

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