The Challenges of Investigative Journalism, Conference by Ernest Sotomayor (October 5, 2017)
Narrating Latin America Conference by professor Daniel Alarcón (3 August 2017)
Emily Bell, scholar at Columbia University, gave a talk on Tuesday November 15, 2016 at the UDP School of Journalism on "How to save Journalism (and democracy) from Facebook" (Nov. 2016)
Professor Duy Linh Tu, from Columbia Journalism School, offered a master class organized by the Columbia Global Centers | Santiago, UDP, UC, U. de Chile, UC de Valparaíso, about the future of the news coverage in the era of social media. (Sept. 2016)
Andrea Bonime-Blanc conference at Universidad Diego Portales on “The Role of Directors in Creating Long-Term Value” co-organized with the Santiago Center, the Law School’s Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership.
Thomas DiPrete´s Lecture on Gender Gap in Sciences and Engineering (March 2017)
From Science to Business Panel The Santiago Center in association with BNI (Biomedical Neuroscience Institute) share the video of this workshop which featured six top scientists visiting Chile, three of whom have been awarded by the Nobel Prize.
Lápiz de Mina #3 Video (Aug.2015)
Minister of Economy of Chile, speaks at Columbia NYC Campus: Productivity for Inclusive Growth. (Oct,2015)
President Michelle Bachelet of Chile - Columbia World Leaders Forum President Michelle Bachelet of Chile delivers an address titled, "Challenges of Our Democracy: 25 Year After," in the rotunda of Columbia University's Low Library. (Sept.2015)
Máximo Pacheco, Energy Minister of Chile, on Renewable Resources discussed Chile's current energy scenario, focusing on the opportunities for the development of renewable sources, including those based on solar, wind geothermal and mini-hydro technologies
Women Mobilizing Memory Performance How Can Memories of Historical Violence be Mobilized for the Present and in the Interest of the Future? A interdisciplinary working group of feminist scholars, artists and activists discussed this question.
Sebastian Piñera, President of the Republic of Chile, in the "World Leaders Forum 2013" with his conference titled "Chile's Way to Development", followed by a question and answer session with the audience (2013).
US Premiere film MadWomen (Gabriela Mistral) The screening was followed by a discussion with the film's director María Elena Wood, Maja Horn and Nara Milanich (April 2012).
An introduction of Columbia Global Centers, featuring comments from Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University, Professor Safwan M. Masri, Executive Vice President for Global Centers and Global Development, and the directors of the global centers.
NYC Launch of Columbia Global Centers I Santiago (New York, September 12, 2011)
Plans of Columbia University with the opening of its Global Center in Chile Speaking to CNN Chile, the Provost of Columbia University, John Coatsworth, commented which are their expectations from this project.
Rethinking Chile's Economic and Social Challenges Columbia Global Centers, SIPA, and the Institute of Latin American Studies hosted a roundtable discussion, in conjunction with the announcement of Columbia's newest Global Center in Santiago, Chile.