Public Engagement

We value being actively involved in finding solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. At the Center, we regularly host conferences, lectures, and forums involving a diverse panel of experts. We bring together academics from local institutions and Columbia University to promote a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship. Public programs at the Tunis Center are essential in developing strong bonds and partnerships between the University and the local community.



Related Events

The Tunis Center hosted a seminar to share the results of a Columbia University President's Global Innovation Fund project (PGIF).

Professor Paul Love, the author of 'The Ottoman Ibadis of Cairo', delivered a talk on the social history of the Ibadi Muslims.

A highly interactive 5-day virtual training on mixed migration and city diplomacy.

The Tunis Center hosted a discussion, in partnership with CEMAT, with Dr. Andrea Cassatella around his most recent book.

The Tunis Center hosted a lecture on American Avant-Garde Filmmaking by Columbia professor Richard Peña.

Columbia Global Centers | Tunis recently hosted a workshop that took participants on a journey through the realm of American Fringe Cinema. 

The Tunis Center hosted a discussion, in partnership with Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul, with Dr. Mostafa Minawi around his most recent book.

This event is jointly organized by Columbia Global Centers I Tunis, L'Académie Tunisienne Beit al-Hikma-المجمع التونسي بيت الحكمة and CEMAT.

With Prof. Benoît Challand, author and associate professor of sociology at The New School for Social Research.

The event was organized by the Tunis Center and the Institut de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain.

With Dr. Sarah C. Bishop, an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Baruch College, City University of New York