Basheer Mufleh

Basheer Mufleh

Academic Mentor: Taoufik Ben-Amor, Gordon Gray Jr. Senior Lecturer in Arabic Studies in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies, Columbia University

Research Topic:

Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Analysis of the Representation of the War in Yemen in the World Press

Basheer Mufleh is a passionate researcher and educator. He earned his Ph.D. in 2020 from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Kerala in India. Basheer's thesis is entitled "Corpus-based English teaching using the Quranic texts." He obtained his Master’s degree from the English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad and majored in Phonetics. His thesis was about the Interplay of Tones and Mood in Yemeni Arabic. Basheer graduated in 2014 with an A grade and as one of the highest achievers in the department. Both his Ph.D. and Master’s were completely funded by the India Council for Cultural Relations. His research interest includes Corpus Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Media Representation, Critical Discourse Analysis, Political Discourse Analysis, Feminist Studies, ELT, and Testing.

Basheer has been a teacher of English since 2005. He is both a Cambridge-certified teacher and a teacher trainer. In 2019, he received his CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and is currently working on earning a DELTA. He has been volunteering to teach English to refugees in the Azraq Refugee Camp, an initiative by InZone, a Center under the University of Geneva.

Basheer's project at Columbia Global Centers | Amman focuses on the socio-cultural dimensions of the interplay between language and the representation of power relations in texts. More specifically, he is examining the (re)presentation of Yemen in the global press and investigating how the humanitarian issues are addressed and how social gender and inequality are ideologically instructed in the Yemeni context. He is conducting this project in order to spread awareness about the current issues in Yemen lifting the lid on how they are represented and constructed in the world media and highlighting the role of the media in making the world a better place by helping in de-escalating wars and tackling social issues.

Selected Publications:

Basheer Mufleh & Ohood Al-Nakeeb, Collocations and Collocational Networks of Characters: A Corpus-based Feminist Stylistic Analysis, Language in India, Vol. 18:9, September 2018 (Open Access) 

Basheer Mufleh, Licensing Semi-syllables in Northern Yemeni Arabic: Evidence from Bedouin Dialects, Language in India, Vol. 18:8, August 2018 (Open Access) 

Basheer Mufleh & Dr. S.A. Shanavas, Incorporating Corpus Linguistics into ELT in MENA Countries: Bridging the Gap, Language in India, Vol. 18:7, July 2018 (Open Access) 

Basheer Mufleh, Word-to-World Mapping or Syntactic Cues? Lexical Development in First Language Acquisition, Language in India, Vol. 17:12, December 2017 (Open Access)

Basheer Mufleh, Corpus-Based Learning Using Literary Texts and the Compleat Lexical Tutor, Malayalam Research Journal, Vol. 10 No. 3 Sept-Dec. 2017, pp. 3857-3868