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Organized in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), European Climate Foundation (ECF) and other partners, this conference provided a 2-day platform for senior and reporter-level economics journalists. The event enhanced the understanding of the intersection between climate change and economics, debunking the myths about climate change, energy transition, fossil fuels, solar and wind energy, while explaining how the climate is intrinsically linked to the economy. With a diverse lineup of speakers, including industry professionals, academics, and journalists, the conference explored topics such as climate mitigation, green agreements, and climate diplomacy.

Steven Cohen, Professor in the Practice of Public Affairs, SIPA, Columbia University; Director, Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management, The Earth Institute; Director, MPA in Environmental Science and Policy, also joined the conference as a keynote speaker to address the issue in a holistic approach. Participants listened to him explain why the climate crisis is fundamentally tied to economic debates, and why the concepts of circular economy and green economy, which will shape the economy of the future, will be the key elements of climate change debates in the near future.