PGIF Awardees Round 1

President’s Global Innovation Fund Awardees ‐ 2013

Below are the results of the competition for faculty grants from the first round of proposals to the President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF). A total of 87 proposals were submitted by more than 100 faculty from 13 Schools and from 12 departments in Arts and Sciences. With the help of a 15‐member faculty review committee, a total of 20 proposals were selected for funding. The full list of funded projects follows below.

This program is designed to provide support for faculty who wish to use the resources or facilities of one or more of the University’s eight Global Centers for teaching or research activities. The aim is to increase opportunities for research, teaching and service around the world.

The projects selected in this first round cut across a broad range of disciplines, from psychiatry to environmental engineering to art history. They engage every Global Center, with research topics that include children’s health, sustainable cities, migration, and slavery networks. The projects will provide opportunities for students to engage in global research, education, and service in new and meaningful ways.

Zainab Bahrani ‐ Mapping Mesopotamian Monuments

Taoufiq BenAmor, Madeleine Dobie, Emanuelle Saada ‐ Middle‐East/North Africa Summer Institute in Amman and Paris

Daniel Corstange  Refugee Perceptions of International Intervention in the Syrian Civil War

William Eimicke, Brian Keith Perkins, Michael Sparer  Global Public Management

John Huber ‐ Study of Democratic Engineering in the Middle East

Sheena Iyengar ‐ Global Leadership Matrix (GLeaM) Project

Holger Klein ‐ The Istanbul Research and Documentation Project

Shantanu Lal ‐ Children’s Global Oral Health Initiative (CGOHI)

Mahmood Mamdani ‐ Ifriqiyya: The Indian Ocean and Trans‐African Slavery Networks

Silvia Martins  Urbanicity, childhood trauma and adolescent comorbid psychopathology in Brazil and Chile

Susan Pedersen, Pamela Smith ‐ Enhancing the Research Component of the History Major

Kathleen Pike ‐ Global Mental Health Research Consortium and Scholars Program

Sheldon Pollock ‐ The Columbia Global Humanities Project

Miriam Rabkin, Wafaa El Sadr, Richard Deckelbaum ‐ Confronting Non‐communicable Diseases in Middle East and Turkey

Jan Svejnar  Strategies for Growth: The Changing Role of the State

Julien Teitler, Sandro Galea  Global Migration Network

Nickolas Themelis, Natali Y. Ganfer  Advancing Sustainable Waste Management in Latin America

Nicola Twilley ‐ Regional Foodshed Resilience: An Interdisciplinary and International Practicum

Eric Verhoogen ‐ Industrial Upgrading in Brazil

Tilla Worgall ‐ Sphingolipids in Pediatric Brain Tumors