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Columbia GSAS Alumni Career Insight Panel

March 1, 2024
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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Time: March 2, 2024, 10:00AM-12:00PM (Beijing) | March 1, 2024, 9:00PM-11:00PM (New York)

Location: Onlline

Language: English & Chinese


Join Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) for the "Columbia GSAS Alumni Career Insight Panel" event exclusive to GSAS students and alumni, who aim to build and expand their professional networks in China.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to engage with Columbia alumni who are based in China and have gained valuable career experiences in various industries, including culture and arts, marketing and public relations, financial services, academic and education, technology, and consulting. The engagement will be in real-time and will provide a great platform to learn from their experiences and insights.


Speakers  (*The list of speakers is still being updated)

  • Marketing & PR
April Shiqing WANG

April Wang (TC '17) is the Former Head of Internationalized Global Marketing, Kuaishou, and Former Regional Head of Alibaba/ByteDance International Marketing. Wang has 10 years of experience in international marketing and user growth, focusing on short videos and e-commerce tracks. She has operated in 20+ national markets and completed the international layout of China's Internet companies to customers.


Shiye HAN

Eva HAN (GSAS '18) holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Communication & Business Administration from Tsinghua University, and a Master’s degree in Regional Study: East Asia from Columbia University. With 4 years of work experience in the Internet Industry, Shuo has contributed to creating multiple high-ranking trending search cases. This year, Shuo will be pursuing an MBA at Cambridge and is currently focused on entrepreneurship in the areas of the internet, self-media, and education.


Tommy Zixuan FANG

Tommy Zixuan FANG (CC '19, GSAS '20) received his BA in political science from Columbia College with a concentration in Latin American studies. He then obtained his MA in political science from GSAS before receiving a two-year fellowship from UC San Diego’s 21st Century China Center, where he studied Chinese and American industrial policies extensively. He is currently an Account Coordinator at Brunswick Group’s Beijing office and his clients include multiple Fortune 500 companies among a host of well-known tech, healthcare, and consumer goods companies as well as philanthropic organizations. Before joining Brunswick, he worked in the think tank industry and worked at Trivium China, a company specializing in Chinese policy research.  


  • Arts & Culture
Qian LIU

Qian LIU (BC '21) holds a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University, and a MA from the University of Chicago, majoring in Comparative Literature and East Asian studies. Her writings have won awards in the National Young Writers Competition and the National New Concept Composition Competition. Besides works published in journals such as Literature and Modern China and Young Writers, her book debut Spring Has Half Gone Since We Parted will be published in 2024 Spring. She currently works as a freelance writer and educational consultant.


  • Academia & Education
Liyang YANG

Liyang YANG (TC '18) is the Academic President at C&F. He and Jiajia Ma (SIPA '20), two Columbia University alumni, who are also leaders of an innovative school in the West, will share how they have responded to the pandemic and economic uncertainties by transforming local talent through high-quality educational resources. They will discuss how the power of social education can supplement national talent cultivation and how individuals can realize their value amidst change. We sincerely invite alumni interested in educational innovation and personal development to join us, to explore together how the power of education can promote social progress.



Jia LIU (TC '20) holds a degree in Education Policy, received her degree in Policy Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in 2013, and completed a Certificate program in Advanced Education Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has undertaken further education at the School of Continuing Education at Tsinghua University and University College London (UCL), where she earned an International Professional Certificate in School. She is dedicated to lifelong learning, embracing a growth mindset, and promoting positive education. She possesses a deep understanding and hands-on experience with mainstream international K-12 curricula and has accumulated substantial expertise in teaching international curriculum economics, providing college counseling, and curriculum design.


  • Consulting
    Jin ZHOU

    Jin ZHOU (SIPA '14) is a project manager at the Boston Consulting Group's Beijing office. Currently serving as a project manager in the Greater China Consumer Goods team at BCG, she primarily focuses on serving fashion retail and luxury clients, with a specialization in large-scale transformation design and implementation, as well as topics related to foreign companies in China and Chinese companies expanding overseas. Prior to joining BCG, she served as the Director of Strategy at the China Commercial Aircraft Company's U.S. Research and Development Center, and also worked as a Development Economist at the United Nations Development Programme offices in Laos and Myanmar. She completed her undergraduate studies in International Finance at Fudan University and holds a master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University.


    Alan Ziao YAN

    Alan Ziao YAN (SEAS '20) is the Strategy Consultant at Accenture, Co-founder of WonderPeers. He has rich experience in the corporate strategy, product strategy and growth, talent and organization and process management in high tech, logistics and resource industries. He also serves several colleges and high schools as career counselor.


    • Technology
    bing WU

    Bing WU (SEAS '09) is the founder and CEO of "Shimo Doc", and graduated from the Computer Science Department of Columbia University. In 2014, he co-founded Shimo Doc with Wu Jie, marking the launch of China's first online doc and "Cloud Office" product. In 2020, he was selected for Fortune's "40 Under 40" list of business elites in China and also made it onto the "36 Under 36 Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2020" list published by 36Kr. Shimo Doc has tens of millions of active users and is a pioneer in the field of online doc and collaboration in China.


      Ziniu LIU

      Ziniu LIU (SEAS '23) graduated from the Computer Science and Technology program at Fudan University for his undergraduate studies, and earned a Master's degree in Computer Science (MSCS) from Columbia University, and is currently employed as a Media Algorithm Engineer at Honor Device Co., Ltd.


      • Financial Services
      Ke Cao

      Ke CAO (GSAS '19) is a Senior Associate (Sponsor Representative) at a leading investment bank, focusing on energy and environment sector, with experience in IPO, refinancing, M&A, FA, and corporate bonds.


      Yuyang HE

      Yuyang HE (SEAS '22) is based in the US working at a hedge fund. She was a PM at TT. She appreciate participating in this event to communicate, share, and exchange experiences in the industry.


      Xiting CHEN

      Xiting CHEN (SIPA '23) is the co-founder of CCI Chinese Investment Club at Columbia University and is currently working at CITIC Securities (Shenzhen), middle and back office of overseas OTC equity derivatives. He had long-term internship experience in the government and investment banking fields such as Hainan Provincial Government, CITIC, and China Securities. He is privately engaged in resource integration business, such as high-level talent introduction, post-grad consulting, and overseas retails, etc. Xiting is open to ideas and sharing.