REQUIRED Daily Facility Terms of Use

Prior to entry to any WeWork location to which you have been granted member access, you must acknowledge the Facility Terms of Use on a daily basis before accessing a location, where not prohibited by law. A Daily Facility Terms of Use must be acknowledged on the same day as each and every visit to the location.

  • You are not currently experiencing any COVID-related symptoms

  • You have not had close contact with anyone who has had COVID in last 14 days

  • You have not tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days

  • You will present yourself at the reception desk to request admittance

  • You will enter wearing a face covering over both nose and mouth; and continue to wear a face covering in all interior common spaces: reception area, hallways, stairways, elevator, toilettes, etc.

  • You will disinfect your hands often throughout your stay

  • You will maintain distance between yourself and others of 6 feet (or about 1.83 meters)

  • You will obey all signage including room occupancy limits

  • You will not consume alcohol at the site or present yourself under the influence of recreationally consumed narcotics

  • You will not bring any guests to the site who have not been granted member access or is otherwise a Columbia affiliate.

  • I have read the Notice and Consent to Data Processing found here.

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