Book Launch: Diosas de lo Íntimo

April 13, 2021

Sisters Ximena (GSAS’16) and Paula Vial have launched their book entitled “Diosas de lo Íntimo – Oráculos de la Memoria Familiar” (Goddesses of the Intimate – Oracles of Family Memory), which was one of the winning projects to receive funding from the Santiago Center under its Covid-19 Research Projects initiative.

The book compiles ten stories of diverse women in Chile. “This is an important milestone considering the times we’re living right now, as a register during this pandemic of the role that women have played in this health emergency,” Ximena said during the book launch (watch the video here). “I’d like to thank the women that we interviewed, who apart from spending their time with us, as well as sharing the intimate stories of their lives, allowed us to register a perspective of the story that until now has been largely forgotten.”

“Participating and supporting private lives has always been part of the feminine world… we felt that a register of what women have always done, but has been undervalued and has become clear during this pandemic, was missing,” she added. “The main idea of this book is to register what women are in Chile in different contexts: racial, ethnic, social and economic, and how they are an essential contribution to the country, from both the pubic and private space.”

The launch was held online. “We would have preferred this event to be in person, especially considering that the book is called ‘Diosas de lo Íntimo.’ But we’ve tried to make this Zoom call as warm and intimate as possible,” Ximena noted.