Chile in the World Context: How Relevant are Embassies?

July 02, 2020

At the end of June, the Santiago Center held a webinar entitled “Chile y su Presencia Global: ¿Cuánto Pesan las Embajadas?” to discuss Chilean foreign policy challenges.

The event was co-organized with the Universidad Católica's Centro de Estudios Internacionales (CEIUC), led by Jorge Sahd, and supported by the Universidad de Chile's Instituto de Estudios Internacionales (IEI).

The conversation - moderated by Francisco Cruz, former Ambassador of Chile to Panama - featured several diplomatic specialists: Soledad Alvear, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Issa Kort, Member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Heraldo Muñoz, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Alberto Van Klaveren, Professor at Universidad de Chile’s IEI.

Despite some political differences, the participants agreed on the issue that the country should always support multi-lateralism.