COVID-19: Telemedicine & eDoctors

This comparative case study explores two innovative primary care programs in Brazil and India. In Brazil: the development of Rio’s Clinicas de Familia: low-cost, technologysupported, and community-based clinics. In India: an innovative program to use telemedicine for primary care in rural areas. Watch the video of Dr Ganapathy talking about telehealth deployment during COVID 19 and read the full case study below.

April 03, 2020


The case includes original interviews with Emme Deland, director of strategy for New York Presbyterian hospital; Under Secretary of Health in Rio de Janeiro Betina Durovni; President of Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation Dr. Krishnan Ganapathy; and Columbia faculty experts Professor Kavita Sivaramakrishnan and Professor Michael Sparer.

This case contains the following elements:

a) Video Intro and Discussions – Available Online

b) Written Case Study (This Document)

c) Annex A – Original Documents

d) Annex B – Interviewee Bios and Interview Transcripts (Not Needed for Core Case, Presented for Research Purposes)